Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [April 18, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Small And Midsize Businesses: Overcoming The Challenges Of Digital Transformation
By Rodolpho Cardenuto@RCardenutoSAP

Most people view digital transformation as a commitment of resources for an indefinite amount of time before any real gains are made. While this may be true, it’s also possible that your small or midsize business may have some advantages over much larger competitors when undergoing such a change.

Is Your Supply Chain Ready For The ‘End of Silicon’?
By Thomas Ohnemus@OhnemusThomas

Think the scarcity of silicon doesn’t apply to your business? Think again. As chips, sensors, and other Internet of Things technology become crucial to everything from automobiles and washing machines to entire manufacturing processes, resource scarcity will affect every supply chain. That means manufacturers need to respond — sooner rather than later.

Don’t Just Deliver Products – Deliver Outcomes
By Anja Reschke@AnjaReschke

These days, companies can no longer focus simply on product, price, quality, or convenience. Businesses should aim to deliver the outcome of a simple, personalized experience that leaves the customer feeling good about the transaction, and ultimately the company. Here’s why.

The Neuroscience of Storytelling [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Amy Tobin@AmyMccTobin

Steve Jobs may have been criticized for some elements of his leadership style, but he was able to get his team to believe in the vision he saw. To get your team on board and impassioned about your vision, you need to tell a story they believe in. Here’s how the neuroscience of storytelling works.

The Internet Of Things Will Fundamentally Change HR
By Patrick Willer@PattWiller

Who would have thought that an Internet of Things would be so important for the Human Resources department? Well, get ready! While humans are still in the center of all these machines, it’s time for HR to up the ante and prepare the workforce for these new waves of technology.

The Talent You’re Looking For Doesn’t Have A Resume
By Sarah Robinson, @SarahRobinson

Most of the best talent aren’t officially — or even toying with the idea of — looking for their next job. What does that mean for your hiring managers? First of all, they’re starting from the wrong end of the telescope. And second, it’s time to shake up the hiring process.

The Simple Secret To A High-Performing Team [VIDEO]
By Jacob Shriar@JacobShriar

Setting ambitious goals and creating a fun company culture are great, but what if the team doesn’t work well together? Despite all the time and energy you’ll spend on creating a high-performing team, sometimes it doesn’t work out. Check out the research behind this phenomena and some tips on how you can build trust with your team.

A Manager’s Guide To Working With Difficult Team Members [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Amy Tobin@AmyMccTobin

Working with difficult personalities is a challenge for all of us, but when you’re the manager it requires a different set of skills and know-how. Unlike coworkers who can simply ignore a difficult person at work, a manager must find ways to make everyone’s work life easier.

IoT In The Kitchen – A Step Forward Or Back For Food?
By Danielle Beurteaux

The connected kitchen is basically the antithesis of the slow-food, locavore, artisanal, happy chicken philosophy of food that emphasizes a heightened awareness of where food comes from and how we eat it. Will consumers embrace the smart kitchen? The five IoT-enabled tools just may convince us.

Business Networks And Information
By Dr. Henry Morris

Want to leverage the power of business networks to get things done in new ways? Start by assessing your network of existing relationships and the data from these interactions to form a business network that will grow and retain members.