Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [April 11, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Virtual Reality, Blockchain, And Other Trends That Will Drive Competitive Advantage
By Dan Wellers@DanielWellers

With digitization driving change at an exponential rate, there’s only one way to ensure long-term competitive advantage: Be better at seeing the future than everyone else. Here are some ideas that can help you prepare for the opportunities they hold and anticipate the risks you should avoid.

The Warning Signs Of Digital Disruption
By Stephanie Reshel@SReshel

How do you know when your industry is at risk of digital disruption? Information from the IBM study warns business leaders to watch for these top signs that could indicate your industry might be the next target for a digital transformation.

Hiring Millennials? My Insider Tips on What Works|
By Maggie Chan Jones@maggiecj

A feeling of under-utilization, lack of leadership development opportunities, and a need to align with their employer’s values are the primary reasons why millennial employees are seeking the next-best opportunity. How can companies win both the hearts and minds – or loyalty – of this generation?

BI Is Dead
By Timo Elliott@timoelliott

How important is it that IT uses the same tools as business people? Do the new approaches warrant a redefinition of the term BI? Do the upsides of new agile tools outweigh their relative lack of effective governance mechanisms? We’ll let you decide — but as this recent Gartner emphasizes, it is important to separate hype from the real drivers of a technology’s commercial promise.

Will Chemicals And Capital Markets Continue To Go Strong?
By Stefan Guertzgen

By executing on capital investments that enabled access to abundant low-cost feedstock, commodity chemical firms have been able to control costs in a corner of the market that typically struggles for margins. They also placed an emphasis on operational efficiency and streamlining business processes. Is this approach sustainable?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here. Ready To Rethink Everything?
By Georg Kube

For manufacturers, the fourth industrial revolution requires new approaches to nearly every facet of their business. From internal processes to customer relations, this profound change is transforming companies. New business models can be imagined. Entire new profit centers are now possible.

The Truth About Data And Digital Transformation Every Small And Midsize Business Should Know
By Alison Biggan

There’s a widespread perception that enterprise-grade, digital technology is just for big companies. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth: More than ever, technology is within every business’ reach. Investing in technology to unlock the power of your data isn’t just for large businesses – it’s a necessity for small and midsize businesses too.

Mining Firms Turn To Tech
By Ruediger Schroedter

For mining executives, recent advances in digital technology allow companies to make decisions at a rapid paced. Decisions that used to take days and weeks now can be done in minutes and hours. With more information available faster, mining leaders are reducing both short- and long-term financial risk. Here’s how.

Workplace Stress—What’s Your Level? [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Matt Zajechowski

Can a 100-year-old experiment in stress still teach us about today’s workplace productivity? Performance increases with mental arousal, but only to a certain point. Likewise, performance decreases if there’s too little or too much. Impact your workplace culture with these proven findings.

What A Navy SEAL Can Teach You About Manufacturing Excellence
By John Ward@JohnGWard3

It appears that the United States Navy SEALs and the companies of the aerospace and defense industry have something in common. Even in elite organizations, you can always find ways to give that extra inch. There’s always room for improvement.