Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [April 4, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Zara’s Agile Supply Chain Is The Source Of Its Competitive Advantage
By Krishna Gorrepati

Louis Vuitton fashion director Daniel Piette once described Zara as “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world.” Zara is famous for adapting couture designs, manufacturing items, and distributing products to stores a mere two to three weeks after they first appear on catwalks. How does the Spanish retailer do it? One operational theme: Agility.

How To Reinvent An Entire Industry
By Anja Reschke@AnjaReschke

Redesigning a digital ecosystem can take companies and industries in entirely new directions. They may have to alter the ways that they have traditionally done business, impacting resources, processes, costs, revenue structures, and even the customer value proposition. Here are five different approaches to business model innovation  that can help make this happen.

4 Ways Digitalization Is Transforming Manufacturing
By Thomas Ohnemus

The digital economy is upending processes and rearranging markets – and manufacturers in particular are being revolutionized. Here are four key ways digital technology is transforming manufacturing production.

Is The Personal Touch Possible In The Digital Economy?
By Johann Wrede@wredefine

Is digital technology turning people into social hermits who avoid human interaction in favor of the glowing screen before them? No, not at all. The difference is that we are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to determining how personal we want our experience to be.

Should You Allow Remote Work At Your Company? [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Amy Tobin@AmyMccTobin

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there has been a 50% increase in the number of companies that have a majority remote workforce. How does this impact business overall? Check out the infographic for the latest telecommuting trends and tips leaders can use to keep their teams on the same page. Some of these finding may surprise you!

Getting Your Business IoT-Ready: Outcomes, Not Products
By Nils Herzberg

You may not realize it yet, but your business is on the cusp of a significant inflection point. The miniaturization of sensors, lightning-fast data processing speeds, and increased storage and computing power – all combined with the ubiquitous presence of wireless connectivity. The shift to outcome-based business models is upon us. Are you ready?

5 Positive Ways Technology Redefines Retail For Customers
By Joerg Koesters@joergkoesters

Forbes magazine reported in January that mobile commerce has become a “mega-trend” in retail. But even connected customers still want personal experiences, and they want to feel confident that their needs are being met. Read these five examples of how retailers have adopted digital solutions to satisfy customers.

The Future Of Work In A Project-Based, Consultant-Driven World
By Mukesh Gupta@rmukeshgupta

Organisations like PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Washington Post are taking the lead and exploring the best ways to work with a large pool of people with specialized skills, known as consultants. Does your organization have these special skills to build and make the most of this newer type of work arrangement?

The Impact Of Technology On HR And What’s Ahead
By Meghan M. Biro@MeghanMBiro

Rapid changes in technology have affected businesses in more ways than we can count, from globalization and organizational adjustments to a workforce clamoring for remote and mobile job opportunities. But more important, HR has had to adapt swiftly. Find out how putting these technologies at the core of your HR organizations can help the overall business anticipate and manage organizational change.

How To Really Boost Mining Safety And Productivity
By Ruediger Schroedter

New enterprise software is revolutionizing mining. From predictive software to 3D printing, the future of mining is here. But to harness its power, companies must first reimagine their business processes. The key is knowing what to measure – and who to share it with.