Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [March 21, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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IoT 2.0: Rewiring To Create Live, Digital Businesses
By Kai Goerlich@KaiGoe

IoT is now 15+ years old and at an inflection point. Will it go beyond connected things and enable companies to become live, digital businesses? According to the latest IDC research, there is compelling evidence that the answer may soon be “yes.”

Chief Supply Chain Officer: The Most Transformative Executive In The C-Suite
By Hans Thalbauer

More organizations are creating a new role: chief supply chain officer (CSCO). The CEO runs the company. The CFO holds the purse strings. But today, the CSCO may be the most important role in the executive suite.

Connected Health: 4 Trends Shaping The Future Of Digitized Healthcare
By Stephan Schindewolf

In the face of so many complex factors, it’s not enough to put more money into the system. We must reimagine healthcare entirely – rethinking our processes and aligning them with the real, personalized needs of each patient. See for yourself what the future of digital healthcare will look like?

The Employee Engagement Problem No One Is Talking About
By Jacob Shriar

For the most part, employee engagement numbers are remained unchanged for the last 15 years. What’s going on? Is your business making any of these common mistakes and missing out on some significant opportunities to turn it around?

Analytics And Personalized Medicine – Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
By Chandran Saravana

Healthcare costs in the United States average $2.3 trillion a year, and yet 34% of that spend is wasted due to information overload and complexity surrounding diagnosis and treatment. Explore how technology and analytics is playing a vital role in personalized medicine while driving down costs and bringing simplicity to the experience for providers and patients.

The Future Of Technology Adoption And The Impact Of Transformation
By Daniel Newman@danielnewmanUV

To successfully navigate the wide world of constantly updating devices and applications, solid education plans plus adoption techniques need to be implemented as soon as the technology becomes publicly available. Check out these tips to help your employees come out of the technological gate immediately.

Five Reasons Why Social Media Should Be On Your HR Radar
By Meghan M. Biro@MeghanMBiro

Social media has become an incredibly valuable part of HR recruiting efforts, both for relationship building and to identify and vet top talent. And truthfully? If you’re not building social media into your recruiting efforts at this point, you’re not really recruiting on par with today’s industry standard. Here are five competitive capabilities that you’re missing out on while engaging in the war for talent.

Increase Your Company Value By Simply Caring For Your People
By Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

When organizations create a caring workplace with foundations built on trust and empathy, employees can achieve a sense of empowerment that enables them to perform at their best. And when a caring culture becomes a strategic priority, an interconnected triad of organizational health emerges. Here’s a quick look at the components of this organizational health triangle.

How Companies Increase Profits Through Workplace Flexibility
By Shawn Murphy

Gone are the days when supervisors monitor the coming-and-going of people. Today’s leaders focus on maximizing human potential. in today’s fight for top talent, flexibility, freedom, trust, and respect are central to this important focus. Here’s why.

Big Data Makes A Big Difference For Finance Teams At Providence Health & Services And Payless ShoeSource: Part 1
By Nilly Essaides

While many finance groups are still behind in implementing Big Data projects, finance executives and experts argue that the tide is turning. At organizations like Providence Health & Services and Payless ShoeSource, Big Data is already making a big difference.