Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [February 15, 2016]

Shelly Dutton

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Digital Transformation: Reimagining The World, Industry By Industry
By Pat Bakey@pbakey

The world as we know it is continually changing, and one of the fundamental drivers is digital transformation. Person by person, company by company, and industry by industry, a new reality is evolving. What does that mean to the everyday person like you and me?

Digital Trends That Will Shape Your Future [E-BOOK]
By Dan Wellers@DanielWellers

Check out the 10 most-powerful digital trends shaping our future. These insights will help you better understand the opportunities the future holds and the foresight needed to reimagine your business and your world.

Why The Future Of Procurement Is Powered By People [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Amy Moore@moore_words

Oxford’s research into the future of procurement reveals that the function is becoming more collaborative and strategic – all made possible by technology. Is it possible that the last mile of procurement transformation will indeed be driven by people who are enabled by technology and excited by more opportunities to be strategic?

Why Engagement Happens In Employees’ Hearts, Not Their Minds
By Mark Crowley@markccrowley

The use of the word “love” is, of course, a huge taboo in the context of business and management. But as you read on, you’ll soon see that this kind of love  has nothing to do with romance, sex, or religion. The love Rather, it relates to the experience of positive emotions – the foundation of human motivation.

6 Steps To Transform Your Company Culture
By Joel Pitney

An outstanding company culture requires outstanding leadership, and changing the company culture requires leaders who recognize the real need for change and who aren’t afraid of it. Is your business leadership mature enough to tackle this? If so, here are six critical steps that can help turn this to-do item into a reality.

Big Data Analytics: The Statistical Expert On A CFO’s Shoulder
By Peter David

Most CFOs have access to a deep well of high-quality data – and some may even have the very best tools for managing that data. If you are not already using Big Data analytics to better steer, control, and develop your business, you may be missing out. Peter David explains.

Mastering Customer Experience Starts With Customer Journey Mapping
By Daniel Newman@danielnewmanUV

Creating a customer journey map is like solving a mystery. Start with what you know, and work backwards to understand consumer motivators, action preferences, and key pain and touch points. You can structure a customer journey map in many ways, but you always need to achieve these five things.

3 Surprising Reasons Why Social Collaboration Should Be Part of Your Sales Strategy in 2016
By Roger Noia

The digital economy has made the sales process more complicated and less transparent – but it can also fix this problem. Find out how digital transformation and social collaboration can help sales organizations make the brand more accessible to every existing and potential customer throughout buying experience.

The Cloud: The Great Equalizer
By Anja Reschke@AnjaReschke

With cloud computing, companies aren’t bound by the limitations of traditional systems, so growth and scalability are limitless for any size or type of business. Take a look at why even the smallest startups are accessing technology that was previously unattainable – and surpassing their much-larger competitors.

How To Avoid A Personal And Supply Chain Massacre This Valentine’s Day
By Richard Howells@howellsrichard

Candies. Cards. Chocolates. Flowers. Whatever your plans for treating your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, here are some pointers, along with a tip of the hat to the businesses that make it happen.