Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [November 23, 2015]

Shelly Dutton

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Discover The Possible: Internet Of Things In Defense
By Steve Risseeuw

By connecting data from people, weapons systems, and other IoT sensors, defense agencies can break down silos and use data as a weapon. Here are four guiding principles for building and executing a proactive strategy.

Employee Retention Begins In The Interview Process
By Val Matta

Get off on the right foot with all your employees by approaching your interview process from an “employee retention” point of view. Here’s how.

Timeless Truths In A Digital Age
By Bill McDermott@BillRMcDermott

Not every path to success in the digital age is new – some of the most significant ways to win are as old as business itself.

Is Digital Business The Answer To The Climate Crisis?
By Kai Goerlich@KaiGoe

Here’s how data analytics and digital business processes could help reduce carbon emissions and fight the climate crisis.

The Five Keys To Successful Change
By Braden Kelley

For change to stick, look beyond change management or change leadership, and think more holistically with these five keys to successful change.

Boost Productivity With These 4 Brain Breaks
By Michael Brenner@BrennerMichael

Want to boost your employees’ — and your own — productivity and increase workplace engagement? Try taking brain breaks!

Biohacking Your Culture for Digital Advantage
By Fawn Fitter

Journalist Steven Kotler explains how individuals—and entire companies—can push boundaries to reach new levels of innovation and productivity.

E-Mail Etiquette: Reply-All E-mails Fails
By Michael Brenner@BrennerMichael

Misuse of Reply-All is a common email etiquette faux pas. Here are some guidelines to help you avoid embarrassing situations.

Innovate or Die! How To Keep Your Business One Step Ahead
By Paul Clark, @tawoo

How should your business gear itself up for product, service, and business model innovation? Here are three areas to focus on.

Friend Or Enemy: How Technology Is Transforming Procurement [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Amy Moore@moore_words

Going from “PO-cutters” to “innovators,” in terms of perception and reality, is what procurement transformation is about. Technology plays a critical role. Here’s why.