Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [October 12, 2015]

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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Amazing Digital Marketing Trends And Tips To Expand Your Business In 2015
By Sunny Popali

These 5 trends have shaped digital marketing this year and will become more important as your company moves forward.

From Disruption To Adoption: Adapt Or Die
By Taylor King

If disruption is the new norm, what does that mean for the future of business? Adapt or die.

Open Office Environments Are Not The Answer For Collaboration
By Brian Neese

As the open office trend increases in popularity, so too does the understanding of its shortcomings.

What Gen Z’s Arrival In The Workforce Means For Recruiters
By Meghan M. Biro, @MeghanMBiro

Gen Z workers, digital natives who are comfortable in today’s fast-paced world, will change HR in a big way. Here are some thoughts on recruiting.

Size Doesn’t Matter For Businesses In The Digital Economy
By Christine Donato, @CMDonato

In order to survive in today’s digital economy, businesses must embrace hyperconnectivity. Check out the #SAP Talks podcast to learn more.

Accountability Is The Foundation Of Leadership
By Vanessa Echeverri

The single most important attribute that defines leadership is accountability. Here’s why.

Do Women Lead Differently?
By Susan Galer, @smgaler

Women in leadership: If more people view leadership as something there to serve you, to help you create and innovate to your best, then the results follow.

Innovation In Healthcare: Who Cares?
By Rakesh Shetty, @shettray

Healthcare innovation affects everyone involved, from insurers and health services workers to employers, employees, and everyday people.

Digital Transformation: From Vision To Reality
By Kerstin Geiger

Digital transformation is inevitable in in today’s business environment. Here’s how to plan and implement a strategy for success.

Consumers And Providers: Two Halves Of The Hybrid Cloud Equation
By Marty McCormick

The hybrid cloud has changed not only how companies deploy new software, but also how software is developed and sold from a provider’s perspective.

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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