How 7 Sorority Girls Schooled Us On Connectedness In The Digital Economy [VIDEO]

Shelly Dutton

For a couple years, people have debated whether we’re too connected. Sure, we have social media, devices enabled by the Internet of Things in our cars and homes, and a mobile device for everyone man, woman, and child on this planet. But, does this mean we’re really more connected to each other as a society?

At a recent Arizona Diamondbacks game, seven Arizona State University sorority girls proved how unconnected we are – even with all of this 24×7 hyperconnectivity around us. Instead of paying attention to the game and connecting with each other on a human level, the girls were busy taking pictures of themselves and shutting out the world around them as they were tweeting and posting away.

Even though this video makes for a good chuckle, it’s a great commentary on how digitalization has changed how we interact with each other and experience life. Yes, it’s true that we’re exchanging ideas and inspiring each other to create change. But, some of us are missing out on some key moments happening in our presence.

Now, digitalization is not a bad thing. But sometimes, people just need a little of that human touch.

So ladies, thank you for this public service reminder: Put your device down and enjoy the moment unfolding before you. Then when it’s over, carry on and resume tweeting, sharing, following, and taking selfies.