5 Lessons #PizzaRat Teaches Entrepreneurs

Shelly Dutton

Pope Francis’ historic visit to the United States. The refugee crisis in Europe. The supermoon. None of these events could keep a rat who reached its dream of taking home a slice of pizza out of the media spotlight last week.

Some may call this video trivial and disgusting. However, it’s difficult to ignore that this simple 14-second video has become an Internet sensation.

Why are so many obsessed with Pizza Rat? For entrepreneurs, it serves a reminder of what it takes to succeed.

  1. No dream is too big – even if it’s bigger than you. Seriously, that slice is bigger than that rat! Even if your dream is bigger than you and anyone or anything else around you, it ALWAYS worth the time and effort to achieve it. Embrace the challenge.
  1. Incredible power does come in small packages. With ninja-like speed and flexibility, the rat displays abilities that are even impossible for a superhuman. However, as we all know, if you want something bad enough, we will do – and can do – anything to accomplish it.
  1. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Whether you are from the projects (or in the rat’s case, the sewer) or Silicon Valley, you have what it takes. Tap into what you already know, and your ability to learn what you don’t.
  1. Even when the odds are against you, success will come. No matter the idea, there’s always people waiting to tell you that you can’t – and shouldn’t – invest time, energy, and money in it. Why listen to them? If you believe in it, your endeavor must be with all the risk. Prove your naysayers wrong.
  1. Keep on fighting – don’t let your dream slip away. Albert Einstein wisely advised, “Genius is the ability to focus on one particular thing for a long time without losing concentration.” So if you don’t achieve it the first time, try as many times as it takes to get it right. In the end, you will end up with your slice of sweet success – even the rat gets its own.