Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [August 24, 2015]

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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Surviving Digital Transformation? Here’s How To Thrive In It
By Timo Elliott, @timoelliott

To thrive in today’s digital transformation, you must see and understand change early and support organizational and technical flexibility to respond.

How Digital Ecosystems Will Change Our World
By Susan Walker

If you think you’re on top of digital trends, you might want to reconsider. Accenture’s 2015 Technology Vision Report provides some fascinating insights.

6 Things That Help Change Company Culture
By Patrick Willer, @PattWiller

Culture eats strategy for breakfast! Feelings and emotions trump rules and structures. Here are six tips to help you change your company’s culture.

Predictive Finance For Strong Business Growth
By Babak Ghoreyshi@babakgho

CFOs and accountants are overcoming challenges and achieving business growth through predictive finance.

Predicting The Future And Shaping Strategy With HR Analytics
By Derek Klobucher, @DKlobucher

HR analytics will help HR professionals attract better employees and identify qualities that make effective workers — and lead to faster promotions.

Should Big Data Be Used To Measure Employee Productivity?
By Joe Sherwood

Can “data mining” lead to higher employee productivity? Studies vary, but it should always be used to provide constructive feedback.

What Do High-Performance Teams Look Like?
By Mark Miller

Here are 7 key characteristics of high-performance teams. Hint: It comes down to how well team members collaborate to get results.

3 Reasons Your Manager Isn’t Doing A Good Job
By Ron Stewart

Being a good manager takes time and practice. Here are three reasons they might be struggling, and how employees can help.

Publish Or Perish – The Future Of Storytelling [VIDEO]
By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

Effective marketing is storytelling: creating content that connects with people who matter for you and your business, through stories they love.

A Millennial Perspective: What Marketers Don’t Understand About My Generation
By Armand Domalewski

The world doesn’t lack idealists. We just need to get these change makers together. Here’s how innovative HR organizations are doing just that.

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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