Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [August 17, 2015]

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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What Truly Motivates Employees
By Sarah Landrum, @SarahLandrum

The truth about employee motivation is painfully simple, and there are decades of surveys to back it up. Though when managers are asked what they think motivates employees, an interesting discrepancy emerges. Here are the four factors that really motivate employees.

The IoT Can Revolutionize Every Aspect Of Small Farming
By David Stephenson, @data4all

Technology can play a pivotal role in small farming by increasing yields, cutting costs, improving safety, and boosting profits. Here’s how.

Will Digital Healthcare Technology Kill The Independent Physician?
By Shelly Kramer, @ShellyKramer

Pressure is mounting on physicians and medical facilities to join the digital revolution. But many smaller health care facilities and independent physicians are finding that technology and IT headaches are actually imposing a heavy financial burden. Is there a danger that the technology could threaten to kill off the independent physician in our health system?

Is Airbnb For Pets The Next $24 Billion Valuation?
By Danielle Beurteaux

As the digital economy develops further, expect to see more niche players that do one thing and do it really well. Los Angeles-based DogVacay started in 2012 and now, with $47 million of investor money, is valued around $151 million. Is DogVacay, the next Airbnb – but for pets?

Employee Performance Management: Fact Vs. Hype
By Susan Galer@smgaler

Some of the conclusions about employee performance ratings based on so-called scientific studies seem dangerously misleading. Susan Galer busts the myths and gets down to the facts about employee performance management.

Run Your Business In Real Time
By Sven Denecken, @SDenecken

Digitize your business, or get disrupted – that’s today’s reality. Businesses need a business suite that enables innovation without disruption. Check out these high-value use cases that show how a modern business suite can enable the digital value chain.

Mentoring Generation Z Girls In Technology
By Archana Karnik

Archana Karnik had a unique opportunity to peek into Generation Z’s working style when she mentored a group of girls who were building a mobile app. Here’s what she learned about the young generation.

A Revealing Look At The Impact Of Silos
By Hessie Jones, @hessiejones

Silos can become impenetrable “underground positions” so fortified that no one outside is invited in – including the business teams they’re meant to serve, or support. How big is the impact of silos, really? What can we do to break them down?

6 Ways Insurance Companies Can Tap The Power Of Big Data
By Robert Cordray@RobertCordray

Big Data is transforming the business world and the insurance industry is no exception. Here are six ways insurance companies can use big data to refine and streamline their business procedures.

Self-Service And The Digital Economy: What’s The Right Way?
By Danielle Beurteaux

Self-service customer service has been on the increase for a while. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and a joy to use—so intuitive and easy. In theory, at least. Turns out, most companies are doing self-service wrong and it’s actually hurting customer loyalty. Here’s the right way to do it.

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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