COMB+ : Connecting Chinese Startups To The World

Karine Heyden

Despite its recent collapse, China’s economy remains one of the fastest-growing in the world today. This is a primary driver of the increasing number of startups in the Asian powerhouse. A driving force behind this proliferation is the ease of access of capital and investor interest spurred by the continuous growth of the Chinese economy.

Business people talking in meetingDomestic entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly successful and have been able to grasp both local and international market trends, which gives them a strong competitive advantage. While most American companies can relate only to what’s happening in their region, Chinese investors, through the Internet and its abundance of information, have managed to acquire significant knowledge about what clicks in their own region as well as outside.

China’s start-up segment got a significant boost from outsourcing as dozens of small ventures began to offer specialized outsourcing services in a variety of segments, including software development, customer service, insurance claims processing, mobile applications, electronics, mobile technology, and more.

These young Chinese companies have been able to break through the global business scene mainly because of the competitive advantage they offer. Not only are they able to fulfill low-end requirements, but they also have the capacity to cater to and offer high-level professional managerial expertise.

Recognizing the potential offered by the Chinese market and the stability and growth of the Chinese economy, entrepreneurs and investors want to invest and succeed in China. While it is imperative that each new start-up must have a detailed and lucrative business plan and a product or service portfolio that caters to a need, it is equally important for them to find their niche and their success path.

COMB+ is a hub — a business incubator — that aims to create a first-class ecosystem to help ambitious startups achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. It was initiated by international technology brand SkyOcean International Holdings, a corporation developing properties all over China.

What does COMB+ offer?

COMB+ provides a platform that enables start-ups to focus on their core business. It does that by meeting the entrepreneur’s work and leisure needs. COMB+ has a national culture and offers the ability to integrate both science and technology. It can also play an important role in building a global platform for entrepreneurship both in China and internationally and can help connect Asia to the rest of the world.

In short, COMB+ provides entrepreneurs an environment where they can easily cultivate talent, creativity, and innovation.

Developed jointly by SkyOcean and UNIDO, it is believed that nearly 20 billion Yuan ($3.2 billion) have been invested into the project.

With its emphasis on mobile Internet, mass data, cloud computing, software, and hardware, the COMB+ international Zone Mobile Internet Science and Technology Park could play a critical role for budding entrepreneurs and startups to give their ideas the right foundation, find the right medium, and implement the right strategies to take off.

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