Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [August 3, 2015]

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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Thinkers: Don’t Kill Your Chances to Make It in the Digital Economy
By Fawn Fitter@fsquared

In the digital economy, the greatest risk is inaction. Deborah Perry Piscione explains why managers usually end up killing employees’ big ideas and how they can stop.

Disrupters: Merging Physical and Virtual Worlds of Healthcare
By Danielle Beurteaux

How will healthcare evolve in the digital economy? Our exploration of some of the newest medical devices reveals where we might be headed–and it’s not the doctor’s office.

The Best Example You Will Find On The Value Of Storytelling [VIDEO]
By Michael Brenner@BrennerMichael

How do you go from product-centered to story-driven content marketing? Stop talking about yourself and start thinking like your customer. Here’s how to use the art of storytelling to tell stories that will connect emotionally with your audience and will ultimately drive business value.

Take A Step Back To See The Bigger Picture: Introducing Digitalist Magazine, Executive Quarterly
By Jeff Woods, @jeffwoodsny

A Digitalist is anyone with the leadership responsibility of helping their enterprise strategize and execute the digital transformation. And the Digitalist Magazine, Executive Quarterly is the guide to help them drive this transformation. Are you a Digitalist?

Moving To The Cloud: Five Questions You Should Ask [VIDEO]
By David Sweetman@sweetmandave

The cloud is more than infrastructure, workloads, and data – you need to make sure the entire cloud strategy fits your business’ needs. Check out the five questions to ask before choosing the “perfect cloud”.

Finding Top Talent Without College Degrees
By Justin Locke@justinlocke

Finding top talent: Is requiring a degree really in the best interests of your company, or society as a whole? You might be surprised.

Three Keys To Winning In A World of Disruption
By Timo Elliott, @timoelliott

One thing is clear: sooner or later, disruptions are coming to your industry. How should you react? Here are the three things you need to do to win against disruption and create game-changing innovation.

Digitize The Core To Manage Digital Transformation
By Sven Denecken@SDenecken

Digital Transformation is everywhere. The new consumer is empowered and expects personalized, intelligent products and services. Companies need to interact with these consumers in real-time, based on a 360-degree view, to satisfy them and meet their needs. Here are the ten steps you need to digitize your business for the future.

An Insider’s View On The Future of Innovation
By Fred Isbell, @fmisbell 

Design thinking and innovation management can help bring successful innovation to fruition Design thinking and innovation expert Michel Sérié shares insight on the Innovation Management Framework, service innovation, management, and more.

Q&A With Mike Ettling: Advice On Overcoming The Employee Engagement Crisis That Will Blow Your Mind
By Jeff Woods@jeffwoodsny

Over the past decade, employee engagement has been somewhat stagnant – hovering 13% worldwide. Mike Ettling, president of the HR line of business at SAP, shares innovative insights on how to address today’s employee engagement crisis.

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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