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Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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Introducing Digitalist Magazine: Helping You Lead Digital Transformation
By Jeff Woods, @jeffwoodsny

As we realize the importance of the digital economy, our goal is to bring leaders everything they need to know to transform their enterprises for the digital economy. We bring you Digitalist Magazine, Online Edition.

5 Ways To Win $14 Trillion With The Industrial Internet Of Things [VIDEO]
By Shelly Dutton

Executives, political leaders, and policy makers all agree: the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the key to uplift businesses and entire countries into a new era of competitiveness. Why? Because $14.2 trillion is expected to be up for grabs by 2030 – all thanks to the IIoT. Here are five ideas on how the IIoT can help you win.

How Post-it Notes Can Help You Keep Perspective
By Annie Neubrech

It’s impossible to go through life and have a career without making tough decisions. Don’t let emotional stress cloud your ability to make smart choices. Use that pack of Post-It Notes sitting on the far corner of your desk.

Theories Of Motivation For Workplace Productivity
By Charlie Wilson

Follow these tips to allow for increased productivity and an overall well-balanced, positive workplace environment for all involved. It doesn’t have to take much to show your co-workers and employees just how much their hard work and dedication is appreciated.

The Benefits Employees Want Most [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Heather Huhman

A competitive salary, fun work environment, and exciting perks all play a large role in keeping employees happy and engaged, but is it enough to retain your best and brightest? Look here to get a better understanding of what your employees really want.

Drones: Lots Of Buzz And A Little Bit Of Sting
By Dan Wellers, @DanielWellers

Drones are put to use in a wide range of industries, both to augment humans and to perform tasks that were previously impossible. These are just a handful of the ways drones are already at work around the world.

Performance Reviews: Who Are They Really For?
By Jeana Quigley

Instead of motivating and engaging your employees, performance reviews are frustrating employees. People prefer to be inspired and motivated in the following ways. Results from a recent study details why.

How Millennials Are Reshaping Work
By Shelly Kramer@ShellyKramer

It’s obvious that the millennial generation is dramatically reshaping the world of work. However, a recent report not only reinforced common assumptions about Millennials and work, but also revealed that in some parts of the world differing opinions hold sway.

Millennials Care More About Workplace Culture Than You Can Imagine
By Andrew Heikkila

Millennial desires are not multicolored slides to get you quickly from the second floor to the first or company bikes to get you across the sprawling campus that your need to transform your offices into. It’s much simpler than that. All that millennials really want are three things.

HR Meets Technology: 10 Facets Of Culture
By Meghan M. Biro

HR is experiencing a watershed moment. It’s not like the massive shift from virtual punchcards and e-forms to cloud-based applications and analytics. It’s not the sudden appearance of millennials texting in the staff cafeteria or the first Internet conference call. It’s the shift to a new paradigm, where HR and technology are essential to the success of an organization. This is the culture.

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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