Top Ten Business Innovation Posts Of The Week [June 29, 2015]

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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These 4 Things Will Change Your Outlook On The Internet Of Things
By Shelly Dutton

Think the Internet of Things isn’t for you? Here are 4 surprising trends powered by the Internet of Things that may make you reconsider.

IT Trends: Must-Have Skills For Future Hires
By Andreas Schmitz, @SchmitzSplitter

One in five IT positions filled by staffing firm Michael Page is for the tech trends big data,
cloud computing, or the Internet of Things. What must-have skills are in demand?

3 Actions Legendary Leaders Take To Get Ahead
By Irene Becker, @justcoachit

The best leaders know how to embrace change. Irene Becker shares a few powerful, practical ways to adapt, evolve, and thrive.

Simplification: The New, Powerful Competitive Advantage
By Bill Jensen@simpletonbill

Simplicity is one of the largest drivers of trust and engagement. If you want more of both, you need to make simplification a priority. Here’s why.

Social Media: Why We Share Things Online
By Lindsay Bell-Wheeler

The types of content we share says a great deal about who we are and how we want to be perceived. Here’s what your social media sharing says about you.

CEOs And Employees Want Change – So Why Isn’t It Happening?
By Reuven Gorsht, @reuvengorsht

While today’s CEOs are more open to change, a gap remains between what’s happening in the C-suite and in the rest of the organization. Reuven Gorsht explains how to fix bridge the gap.

8 Important Things You Must Learn From Millennials
By Patrick Willer@PattWiller

Millennials are the last generation with a front row seat experiencing the change from analog to digital. What can we learn from them?

3 Reasons Your Big Data Isn’t Making You Smarter [VIDEO]
By Shelly Dutton

Companies need to look at data differently. Real-time data – Big Data – is essential. Decision makers (and customers) do not have time for anything less. But understanding and managing big data comes with obstacles. Here’s how to overcome them.

Privacy And Security: What Every IoT Office Needs To Know [INFOGRAPHIC]
By David Stephenson@data4all

Public trust is hard to earn, easy to lose, and once lost, difficult or impossible to regain. Check out this great infographic to understand the facts on privacy and the Internet of Things.

Data Innovators In Sports And Entertainment: Uplause
By Kaan Turnali, @KaanTurnali

Live-event fan experience and marketing strategies are changing rapidly to take advantage of mobile, social, and digital technologies. Check out how one company is making live events interactive—and gamified—with its crowd engagement technologies and platform.

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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