Top Ten Business Innovation Posts Of The Week [June 22, 2015]

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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The 6 Behaviors Of Great Simplification Leaders
By Michael Rander, @michaelrander

How do you rise out of an environment of overwhelming complexity to one that is simple? One word: Leadership.

Helping Every Girl Find #HerVoice
By Ursula Ringham, @Ursula_Ringham

We must empower every girl to find #HerVoice. Promote more female role models, encourage STEM education, and create programs in which girls’ ideas matter.

5 Companies, 5 Ways To Create An Innovative Culture [VIDEO]
By Ritika Puri, @ritika_puri

These 5 companies each took a very different approach to creating an innovative culture. Here’s how they did it.

The Future Of Cloud: Everything As A Service
By Shelly Kramer@ShellyKramer

SaaS is quickly giving way to Everything-as-a-service, which is a more fully automated way of offering cloud services to businesses and end users.

The Advantages Of An Agile Company Culture [VIDEO]
By Jacob Shriar, @JacobShriar

The major advantage of an agile company culture is that it lets you move fast and iterate as the market changes.

Innovation Adoption: What You Need To Know
By Fred Isbell, @fmisbell

Innovation adoption is defined by an S-curve. The key is to get the numbers to the point at which the curve begins to slow.

What Are the Best Employee Incentives for a Small Business?
By Morgan Browne, @morgankbrowne

What are the most effective employee incentives? Surprisingly, it take more than just a big paycheck.

Influencer Marketing: A Single Voice Can Make All The Difference
By Andrew Hutchinson, @adhutchinson

Influencer marketing: Consider social influence in your social planning, and how to reach and appeal to the people who can amplify your message.

Getting New Employees Up To Speed
By Valerie Dixon, @learnware

When it comes to onboarding new employees, it’s really important to identify what’s an acceptable level of competence and by when.

Your Future With IoT: Marketing Ploy Or The Real Deal? [VIDEO]
By Shelly Dutton

From connected manufacturing and care to connected policing and families, the IoT is poised to touch every aspect of our lives and businesses.

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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