Top Ten Business Innovation Posts Of The Week [June 1, 2015]

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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Skydiving Is The New Mortgage
By Chetan Reddy, @TheRealChetan

The “experience economy” is on the rise. According to a study conducted by EventBrite, 78% of Millennials report that they would rather spend money on a desirable experience over a similar desirable physical product. Have the rites of passage for this young generation changed?

Top Big Data Challenges Revisited
By Timo Elliott@timoelliott

We’ve now been wrestling with enterprise big data for a few years. Here’s a summary of where we are dealing with its challenges.

New Startups Poised To Boost Today’s Business Climate
By Karine Heyden@KarineHeyden

We’re starting to witness Generation Xers and the older Millennials are gradually taking over the world of business. With new attitudes, ideas and workplaces, today’s generation of workers may transform the business landscape.  But is their recent startup success sustainable?

4 Ways To Develop Your Leadership “X Factor”
By Dr. Karen Keller, @KarenKeller

Want to add a little leadership X Factor? These four tips will help you become a more charismatic leader and communicator.

Business In The Digital Economy: How Hyper(connected) Are You?
By Wilson Zhu, @thezhu

As our world becomes increasingly hyperconnected, businesses must be mindful of data privacy and delivering the right information at the right time. Wilson Zhu shares expert advice on how companies can turn the challenges of hyperconnectivity and business networks into profitable opportunities.

3 Reasons Why Every Business Wins When Hiring Veterans
By Shelly Dutton

Hiring veterans is not just patriotic – it makes good business sense. Here are three reasons why veterans can prove to be a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes and industries:

The Future Of Work: Social Media And Employee Engagement
By Danielle Beurteaux

With 70 percent of American workers unhappy at work, there’s an obvious crisis in employee engagement these days. So what can we do to address the problem? Check out this interview with Mike Ettling, SAP’s president, HR line of business, on leadership, employee engagement, and the connected workplace.

Marketing’s 4 Ps For HR Recruiters
By Steven Holiday

The fundamental principles of marketing are very adaptable to HR recruiters, who actively market their companies and brands as they build strong teams. Here are the most fundamental four Ps of marketing, applied to the recruiter’s search for target applicants.

Sensors Remain Critical To Spread Internet Of Things
By David Stephenson, @data4all

Small, powerful, cheap sensors are pivotal to the future of the Internet of Things. But developers must remain mindful of security. David shares some interesting insights on sensors from recent IoT reports.

The Benefits Of ERP In The Cloud
By Dror Orbach@drororbach

Recent Gartner research found that 47% of those surveyed plan to move the majority of their core ERP to the cloud within five years. Here are five benefits of embracing some form of cloud ERP.

Lindsey (LaManna) Makela

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