The Impact Of Technology Convergence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bill Ward

Apple is the master of consumer driven technology convergence. They were the first to release a cell phone with a multi-touch interface that combined multiple technologies and functions to eliminate the need to carry many separate single-function devices. It set the wave in motion for many to follow and further innovate. This, however, is just one well-known example of converging technologies with capabilities that impact so many on personal and professional levels.

For organizations the convergence of technologies is, and has the potential for so much more. Imagine a future where devices and machines communicate with each other without human intervention and can perform synergistically to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be extremely complicated, cumbersome and time consuming. Well, the future is here and these things are possible.

For SAP, Technology Convergence is the holistic convergence of big data/analytics, social, mobile and cloud. This combination of technologies, in my view, will provide organizations with the tools they need to run faster with more efficiency, deeply mine and utilize data in real real-time, innovate, and connect with their customers, partners, employees and the rest of the world proactively and at the speed of thought.

What organizations are saying

A recent survey of business leaders at SAP’s annual SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando, captured the opinions of 150 respondents, providing us with insight into their perception of the present and future of technology convergence and what it means to their businesses.

We found that:

  • 90% of respondents think that technology convergence will change the way they do business, and within that, 59% think it will drive innovation
  • The #1 technology convergence capability for organizations is the ability to Embed technology in devices and products
  • 29% of the organizations agree that “increased revenue” is the key business driver to implement a holistic solution across mobile, social, cloud and big data/analytics

This is exciting for organizations on a couple levels. The convergence not only presents opportunities to innovate and improve business operations efficiencies, it enables them to connect with and engage their current and future customers and partners to drive revenue and value.

To see the full infographic of the microsurvey results, please click on the image below.

To view the survey: Convergence of Technologies

Technology Convergence Infographic

Bill Ward

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