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blockchain, agriculture, farming, food safety

Blockchain: Farm To Consumer Is A Journey Of Trust

10-Oct-2018 | Anja Strothkämper

Being able to trust food safety is a life-and-death matter for consumers, especially those with allergies. Blockchain can give them the assurance they need.

wholesale, innovation, design thinking

Innovating Like Evel Knievel In Wholesale Distribution

14-Sep-2018 | Magnus Meier

Design thinking enables teams to innovate and test new approaches to old (and new) problems.

14 Feb 2014, Belgrade, Serbia --- Tablet computer on table with book and coffee --- Image by © Lumina Images/Blend Images/Corbis

Guiding Employees From Same-Old Same-Old To Digitally Transformed

12-Sep-2018 | Lynn Lupo

Embracing digital transformation: How can companies address the challenge of getting their employees to think differently and embrace a new way of doing things?

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