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Four Ways The Travel Industry Will See Future Growth

20-Apr-2018 | Himani Sharma

Airlines, hotels, and other travel brands have data about customers, but they are not working together to create a travel experience from start to finish. This will change, and the brands that embrace the change first will rise to the top in the future.

Transform Transportation With Intelligent Condition Monitoring

20-Apr-2018 | Konstanze Werle

There is a growing need for on-time delivery and more demand for capacity planning to ensure that companies can maximize capacity, reduce costs, and minimize the impact of the worker shortage. Safety and compliance issues add an additional challenge. How can companies mitigate these risks without hampering growth?

Transportation Industry: 'Ripe For Change'

18-Apr-2018 | Paul Pessutti

The future of the transportation industry faces a significant technological shift, with blockchain and other emerging technologies likely to play key roles.

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