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Biased Artificial Intelligence: Can You Fight It?

9-Jan-2019 | Imran Khan

The entire premise of AI is to make our world and our lives better. We cannot allow it to bring (or harden) our prejudices and biases to our future.

tariffs, intelligent technology, sourcing, procurement, machine learning, predictive analytics

Using Intelligent Technology In Sourcing To Get Ahead Of Rising U.S. Tariffs

26-Nov-2018 | Danielle Homer

Machine learning and predictive analytics can help high-tech companies reduce the impact of new U.S. tariffs on imports from China.

supply chain, high tech, supplier, procurement, sourcing, materials

Intelligent Supplier Negotiations Within High Tech: No Juggling Skills Required

2-Oct-2018 | Danielle Homer

High-tech manufacturers need state-of-the-art technology to ensure they are juggling all props of the supply chain without any hitting the ground.

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