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How High-Tech And Automotive Industries Propel The Future

12-Jun-2018 | Uli Muench

Technologies including Big Data, the Internet of Things, and machine learning are creating connections that enable new and safer ways of using vehicles.

women in leadership, future of work, diversity, gender divide, technology careers

Women In Tech: Taking On The Gender Divide On Their Terms

29-May-2018 | Shelly Dutton

Taking on the digital gender divide is more than just unlocking the diversity of opinions, experiences, and abilities reflected in our world today. Ultimately, all of these initiatives amount to a culture where attracting and promoting the best talent in the tech industry is a top priority.

IoT: Five Challenges Executives Face

16-May-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates a plethora of opportunities, but it is not without challenges. Executives who want a head start in the IoT game should be prepared to overcome these.

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