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Nurse helping a patient use a walker

Assistive Intelligence: Championing Palliative Care With Humanity

5-Dec-2018 | Shelly Dutton

Assistive intelligence means a level of medical care that injects the dignity and humanity patients demand to live out their best-possible lives on their terms.

diversity, inclusion, hiring, employee experience, customer experience

Smashing Labels: A Life-Long Pursuit For Diversity And Inclusion

20-Nov-2018 | André Robberts

Customer experience never discriminates. When you have the best people on your team, the products and services you sell will keep customers satisfied and loyal.

artificial intelligence, AI, machine learning, ML, unintended consequences, risks, human rights, ethics

Values Build Trust: The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Secures The Ethical Use Of AI

7-Nov-2018 | Daniel Schmid

Although society is just beginning to discuss the ethics of AI, innovators need guidance now to ensure their work doesn't compromise human rights.

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