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resident of a smart city in his apartment

Promising Technologies Build Smart Cities That Go Beyond Imagination

8-Jul-2019 | Harald Wouters and Trevor Bischoff

Sci-fi from the imaginations of those living in the present is not only entertaining, but it can offer tangible lessons about the future.

circular economy, sustainability, innovation

Circular Economy Means Business

13-May-2019 | Kathryn Rae

Sustainability initiatives aren't just good for the environment and public perception; with the right strategy, they are good for business, too.

sustainability, corporate social responsibility, procurement, supply chain

Sustainability Summit: The Debate On Corporate Social Responsibility Continues

6-May-2019 | Peter Smith and Justin Sadler-Smith

With sustainability is high on the corporate agenda, the procurement office has the opportunity to take a lead and drive the agenda through the supply chain.

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