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Arianna Huffington And Jennifer Breithaupt: Achieve More By Going Offline

12-Jun-2018 | Jane Lu

Arianna Huffington, founder of Thrive Global, and Jennifer Breithaupt, global consumer chief marketing officer at Citi, discuss how technology can help women boost well-being and improve performance at work.

How IKEA Builds Sustainable Innovation Into Its Business Model To Improve Lives

8-Jun-2018 | Judith Magyar

Every company has a purpose. For IKEA, it’s about creating a better everyday life for the many people without compromising on price, form, function, quality, or the environment.

Elderly woman, aged 93, sitting in a wheelchair talking to a nurse in a private retirement home

Memories At Your Fingertips: How Technology Can Improve Care

4-Jun-2018 | Kenny van Sleuwen

Mobile app prototype aims to help people with dementia preserve their memories and connect with, friends, family, caregivers, and other people around them.

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