The Digital Pulse Of Global Healthcare

Paul Clark

Digital disruption is altering many industries, and one sector undergoing significant digital transformation is healthcare.

When was the last time you visited a doctor or went to the hospital? What if you could receive the same advice and treatment from home and avoid going to a medical facility altogether? That’s already happening in many areas.

According to the SAP eBook, Connected Care: The Digital Pulse of Global Healthcare, the role of technology in healthcare is changing dramatically. It’s already affecting preventive care and patient treatment, access to healthcare data, and research developments worldwide.

Digital technology is quickly transforming healthcare in multiple ways – from wearable devices to high-tech medical equipment – but it is still considered in its infancy.

The SAP Connected Care eBook outlines the growing impact of the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) in many areas, including:

  1. Wearable technology: Patients can monitor and manage their health using wearable devices. This can have multiple uses, from encouraging healthy and active lifestyles, to monitoring chronic diseases.
  1. Home healthcare: Digital technologies can connect patients to life-saving medical help 24/7. This can allow elderly patients to remain in their own homes longer.
  1. Healthcare business models: Many healthcare providers and related companies in the healthcare industry are changing their strategies and business models to incorporate IoHT technology.
  1. Transforming global healthcare: Digital trends are changing healthcare on a global scale. Technology is benefiting industrialized countries by reducing healthcare costs, and it’s revolutionizing healthcare in developing countries by making healthcare more accessible in remote areas.

The healthcare industry is in the midst of digital disruption

The IoHT and other digital technologies present traditional healthcare organizations with enticing new opportunities, but they are not alone – innovative technology companies are quickly entering the healthcare space with completely new go-to-market strategies.

In order to survive in this disruptive market, healthcare organizations need to meet the growing expectations of digital consumers. They also need to learn how to innovate quickly, which requires business agility made possible through the use of digital technologies.

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About Paul Clark

Paul Clark is the Senior Director of Technology Partner Marketing at SAP. He is responsible for developing and executing partner marketing strategies, activities, and programs in joint go-to-market plans with global technology partners. The goal is to increase opportunities, pipeline, and revenue through demand generation via SAP's global and local partner ecosystems.