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Cognitive Technologies Help Media Companies Build Consumer Loyalty

21-May-2018 | Catherine Lynch

In the past, media companies were not in direct contact with consumers and interacted in a mass marketing fashion. Now the business model is changing to direct to consumer, and media companies need to adapt to survive and thrive.

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How To Best Use Data To Reach Your Customer Anywhere

18-May-2018 | Derek Klobucher

The recklessly forecasted retail apocalypse now seems unlikely, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. So the industry is turning to machine learning, which can help retailers deliver a personalized customer experience in-store – or anywhere else people decide to shop.

Technology In The Public Sector: Possibilities And Challenges

16-May-2018 | Regina Kunkle

Here are some examples of how governments can tap the power of emerging technology to better engage with citizens and boost operational efficiency. But challenges remain.

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