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Bow of a boat overlooking calm waters

Three Priorities For HR In The "New Normal" And Beyond

11-May-2020 | Victor Hoeck

Being able to act on data-based insights will not only help steer your ship clear today, but will also help it move faster once it's back out in the open sea.

Businesswoman working at home while her toddler son talks to her

Beyond Today’s Crisis: HR Shifts The Culture Of Midsize Businesses To The “Next Normal”

28-Apr-2020 | Niveditha Kesavan

HR leaders can address the counter-productive realities of a remote workforce by using a four-step strategy focused on flexibility, creativity, and empathy.

Woman washes her hands at work

Dealing With Disruption: Digitising Behavioural Science

22-Apr-2020 | Ryan van Leent

Digital nudges informed by behavioural science can encourage pro-social behavior, such as washing hands and self-isolation, to combat the COVID-19 crisis.

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