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Create A Digital Mindset With The Triad Of People, Strategy, And Technology In Wholesale Distribution

15-May-2019 | Michelle Schooff

Your company's success depends on having a culture and strategy that sees digitalization as an exciting business opportunity, not change for change's sake.

Women In Cloud: How To Lead Teams Through Change

13-May-2019 | Jutta Lachenauer

Demand for a new type of leadership is an opportunity for women to become the change agent in the organization and move into more senior leadership positions.

digital core, experience economy, agile, integrated analytics, organizational change

Driving The Digital Core With Agile Practices, Integrated Analytics, And Organizational Change

6-May-2019 | Isaac Sacolick

Digital success is driven by engaging and empowering multidisciplinary, data-driven teams to align on vision and execute iteratively.

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