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Leadership Advice From SAP Women In Enterprise Cloud Computing, Part 7: Dare To Explore The Unbeaten Career Path

28-Mar-2019 | Jutta Lachenauer

Maria Riehl, of SAP’s Application Innovation Services team, shares how she decided which steps to take to build her career as a woman in the technology industry.

freelancing, 2019 predictions, remote work

Three Future Predictions For Freelancing As A Business

6-Mar-2019 | Larry Alton

The future is bright for those in the freelance business. Take a look at some the biggest predictors for this market.

intelligent enterprise, HR, employee experience, customer experience

Why Your Enterprise Needs To Be Intelligent

14-Feb-2019 | Eric Stine

In a world where demand planning and retail allocations may soon be done entirely by machine learning algorithms, customer and employee experience still matter.

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