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Workers walking below tanks at gas plant

The Downstream COO: Getting Results. Keeping Results.

17-Oct-2019 | Craig Kindleman and David Shimbo

As a downstream COO, you are tasked with getting results – and keeping results. The COO is the business-change champion of downstream oil and gas.

Pipeline stretches across the landscape of a refinery

From Find And Fix To Predict And Prevent

17-Oct-2019 | Pedro Ahlers

Challenges and opportunities go hand-in-hand in today's chemical industry.

Two firefighters putting out fire in fire simulation training facility

Getting Ahead Of A Crisis: How To Improve Organizational Continuity, Resiliency, And Well-Being

15-Oct-2019 | Elias Moreira and Adam Brito

When things go wrong, people need real-time, two-way channels – ultimately the same expectations that they’d have in any other aspect of modern life.

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