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colleague analyzes data on a touch screen

Data Management: The Science Of Insight And Scalability For Midsize Businesses

21-Apr-2020 | Mario Farag

Midsize businesses optimizing the use of advanced analytics are the ones taking swift, bold, confident actions that keep every competitor guessing what’s next.

stack of magazines on a table

Rights, Royalties, And The Data That Can Save Periodical Publishers

13-Apr-2020 | Richard Whittington and Amos Biegun

With rights and royalty data, publishers of print and digital periodicals must build a strong case for the value and trustworthiness of their work.

Book editor of a publishing house reviews a finished book

The Truth About Rights And Royalties: What Publishers Need To Know Now

6-Apr-2020 | Richard Whittington and Amos Biegun

Publishing is gaining complexity with various formats and professionals involved in book production, which begs for a new approach to rights and royalty management.

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