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Data Management: The Science Of Insight And Scalability For Midsize Businesses

21-Apr-2020 | Mario Farag

Midsize businesses optimizing the use of advanced analytics are the ones taking swift, bold, confident actions that keep every competitor guessing what’s next.

Rights, Royalties, And The Data That Can Save Periodical Publishers

13-Apr-2020 | Richard Whittington and Amos Biegun

With rights and royalty data, publishers of print and digital periodicals must build a strong case for the value and trustworthiness of their work.

The Truth About Rights And Royalties: What Publishers Need To Know Now

6-Apr-2020 | Richard Whittington and Amos Biegun

Publishing is gaining complexity with various formats and professionals involved in book production, which begs for a new approach to rights and royalty management.

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