The Future Of Analytics Is Now

Tamara McCleary

Tech Unknown | Episode 1 | Season 1

Featuring guest Timo Elliott and host Tamara McCleary

“Technology is the closest thing that we have to magic in the modern world.”
Timo Elliott, Global Innovation Evangelist, SAP (Click to Tweet)

Analytics driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are poised to transform virtually every industry – from healthcare to mining and everything in between. The technology promises to make businesses more efficient, make employees’ work more meaningful, and ultimately drive better business outcomes.

In this episode, Timo Elliott, Global Innovation Evangelist at SAP, explores the current state of the art for AI/ML-driven analytics and offers a glimpse of the future to help business leaders prepare for what’s to come. As Timo explains, digital transformation of analytics is as much about people and processes as it is about technology.

“Obviously, it’s about better business and better customer outcomes. But I strongly believe that we can also make the world a better place at the same time.”
Timo Elliott, Global Innovation Evangelist, SAP (Click to Tweet)

Listen to learn

  • Ways AI and ML-driven analytics drive better business outcomes
  • The most significant business opportunities for AI
  • Best practices for leading a team through digital transformation
  • Remarkable feats that companies have accomplished through smarter analytics

About our guest

Timo Elliott is the Global Innovation Evangelist for SAP, traveling the world to explain how technology can help transform the way people work.

“I believe that human beings are the most powerful technology we have. And the ability for these latest technologies, like artificial intelligence, to expand on what an individual can do, I really think we’re at the start of a new golden age for knowledge workers.”
Timo Elliott, Global Innovation Evangelist, SAP



Tamara McCleary

About Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary is CEO of Thulium, a social media analytics and consulting agency, driving Smart Social through proprietary data analytics and award-winning storytelling. Tamara ranks in the top 1% in influence globally. Named the #1 most influential woman in MarTech by B2B Marketing, recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of 10 Online Marketers to watch, and named Top Digital Marketer by Brand 24 in 2019. Featured multiple times in Forbes for her pioneering influencer marketing strategies on social media for B2B and Enterprise, Tamara serves as a unique advisor to leading global technology companies such as Verizon, IBM, Mercer, MMC, SAP, Dell EMC, and AWS.