Raise My Head ... Raise It In The Digital World

Houthaifa Al Amiri

While playing basketball as a teenager, my coach advised me that, in addition to good defensive skills and great dribbling power, I needed to raise my head and look for teammates to pass the ball to. “Raise your head in the game … know where are you going, what are you doing, and to whom you want to pass the ball. Son, most importantly, raise your head in life,’’ he said. That advice did level up my game and was the best tip to improve my game.

As I aged, I realized that “Raise your head” is one of the most important rules of success. Today, if you are a CTO, a CFO, a CEO, or just a parent of a small family, raise your head, do not get stuck on what are you doing now! If what you are doing does not contribute to your big goal or get you closer to your destination, then you won’t find passion or fuel to keep doing what are you doing. This will lead to an unhappy career and an unhappy life.

I meet many C-suite decision makers that are just doing what they need to do for the day to pass. They rarely stand up and raise their heads to look straight into the horizon and visualize their way forward. If stop and think, “What can I do differently? What is out there that I can learn or adopt or enhance?” they would see a lot of opportunities to capture and new ways of doing things better.

When I ask my customers to join me for an event about innovation in their domain, meet other successful market peers, challenge other business stakeholders, or just share their challenges, I’m surprised that they decline these opportunities even though they’re not satisfied with the results they’re achieving.

Digital social channels, e-commerce, e-government, and mobile apps are yesterday’s waves of change that led to today’s waves like blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. A new digital wave of change will be hitting our shores soon. Do we have the ability to adopt it? Are we aligned?

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Houthaifa Al Amiri

About Houthaifa Al Amiri

Houthaifa Al Amiri has amassed a lifetime of experience in differing sales perspectives, from consumer to enterprise customers. Beginning his career as an advertising agent and then an operation coordinator for a makeup and cosmetics company, Houthaifa transitioned to a career in IT at New Horizons, selling training courses to Corporates and Enterprises as a Senior Account Executive for four years. Prior to joining SAP, he spent ten years working for Symantec, Cisco & Microsoft.