Public Security Requires Teamwork

James Krouse

As security risks and defense complexity increases and resources tighten, organizations are struggling to meet their mission and readiness goals. Organizations’ ability to embrace digital transformation and increase agility and intelligent operations in joint and coalition environments will rely on shared resources and co-innovation.

Access to better information and more dynamic analytics are continually necessary to develop innovative strategies to meet the challenges in this volatile world, and that information exchange includes communication across governments. But while digital warfare is increasing, digital reconnaissance may deliver fast but ambiguous information. Insights and visionary adaptation are critical, and new transformative technologies can provide that enablement in cooperative engagement.

Rapidly changing environments and risk factors can come from anywhere at any time, and criminals’ efforts are aggressive and relentless.

The solution must leverage collective experiences in technology and increased and integrated situational awareness. New models must focus on enhanced leadership decision-making through data-driven insights while enabling greater data integration across the enterprise.

But technology alone cannot deliver security and safety; it requires the right personnel and experience. Public safety requires a combination of creativity, knowledge, and expertise. Combining resources across our allies and successfully co-innovating solutions that leverage a wider resource base and the consolidation of ideas will drive the creativity necessary for proactive readiness.

New intelligent solutions with enhanced analytic capabilities and greater enabled use of digital applications will be required across public safety and defense. But those solutions will not likely be completed by individual organizations for individual governments. Collective solutions must offer simulation and analytics applications to help public safety and defense agencies to plan and run integrated operations efficiently, with coordinated responses in changing operating geopolitical environments.

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James Krouse

About James Krouse

James Krouse is the director of Global Solutions Marketing at SAP. He is the global strategic marketing lead for the healthcare and higher education industry groups and is responsible for tailoring GTM strategies, analyst relations, government relations, positioning, and messaging.