Why Resilience Is Necessary To Thrive Amidst Disruption

Vaibhav Vohra

The digital economy relies on intelligent interconnectivity between organizations and the individuals they serve. All people need, want, and expect to be reliably reached anywhere and anytime their personal safety, families, and livelihoods are at risk. In an unpredictable world, it’s critical that businesses, schools, and governments enable essential connectedness and manage real-time, measured responses to help maintain well-being, efficiency, and productivity.

Preparation is key as the complexity of planned and unplanned events continues to rise. However, many organizations today are investing more time preparing for disruptions that they think might happen compared to the actual time spent on those that actually occur. Additionally, when faced with greater frequency and the impact of these disruptions, leaders are challenged to notify and validate the status and safety of affected persons, act to protect facilities and assets, and reestablish workflows and supply chains in minutes, not days.

One of the main reasons for this struggle is the traditional “siloed” approach to business continuity that some organizations take. Some still rely on manual efforts to access invalid data in fragmented systems, examine disparate news feeds, activate plans using call trees, and track results in spreadsheets. Successful entities will shift to a digital approach to better manage how data, processes, and people across functions can work together seamlessly to enable a resilient organization.

We see a not-too-distant world where experts have a single, integrated view of validated HR data, a syndicated news feed that aggregates alerts and enables a quick response, and intelligent, multichannel interconnect services that can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. Organizations will no longer piece together technologies to achieve their resiliency goals. In the end, these companies can increase their duty of care, offer greater empathy and security to their stakeholders, and deliver a stronger, more sustainable competitive advantage.

Here at SAP Digital Interconnect, our mission is to connect everyone, everything, everywhere with our global connectivity to 99.9% of the world. Learn why resilience is necessary to thrive amidst disruption, in this Business Continuity Institute whitepaper: Resilience is Your Competitive Advantage.

This article originally appeared on The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce.

Vaibhav Vohra

About Vaibhav Vohra

Vaibhav Vohra is Vice President and Head of Product Management for SAP Digital Interconnect at SAP. Leading an organization within SAP that intelligently connects everyone, everything, and everywhere, he has launched award-winning cloud solutions in the fields of marketing, business continuity, and developer ecosystems. Most recently, the team launched SAP People Connect 365, which enables organizations to manage intelligent communications during times of planned and unplanned business disruption.