CEO’s View: How HR Enables A Workforce That Is Ready, Willing, And Able

Angela Colantuono

With so many Australian companies operating on a global scale, workforce composition and entering new markets are hot topics in the C-suite. The role of the CHRO in ensuring that the workforce is “ready, willing, and able” is imperative to meeting an organisation’s strategic goals.

I was fortunate to recently complete the company director’s course from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. The experience of engaging with board members, CEOs, and executives was a highlight of my career as I heard a first-hand view of the importance of strategic readiness and the need to harness a company’s human capital hit home.

I have always felt passionately about the employee engagement pillar in a digital business, and the impact of positive and authentic leadership in transforming a business. A great customer experience and strategy are delivered by people, so having a strong people strategy is even more critical to compete today.

After 20 years focusing on customer experience, I’ve made the move to human capital management and just attended my first AHRI event at its annual conference in Sydney.

One of the highlights at AHRI 2017 was hearing one of the most authentic and highly respected leaders in Australia, David Thodey, talk about HR’s role in helping to define leadership in organisations, fostering authenticity and innovation and shaping leaders for the new digital world. So true!

In a presentation last year at Knowledge Nation, David Thodey (as chairman of CSIRO) cited a recent survey where 40-50% of the present workforce would need to become trained in digital skills in the next 10 years. He said, “Six million Australian workers need to be retrained to become ‘digitally enabled by 2025…we have to re-educate our workforce. I see it as both an ­opportunity and a threat… The world is changing very quickly.” Indeed, Australian companies needed to become “digitally enabled companies”.

So whether it is assisting to enable digital leaders in a highly competitive global market place or retraining 6 million Australian workers, HR is at the forefront of the CEO and board’s mindset.

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Angela Colantuono

About Angela Colantuono

Angela Colantuono is a National Sales Leader with proven analytical, managerial and leadership abilities in Customer Experience/ ERP & Human Capital Management. Key focus on Business transformations, process improvements & enablement using Cloud, Social & Digital technologies. She is also a recent Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.