Five Digital-Driven Trends That Increase The Demand For Writers

Laura G. Buckler

Writers are no longer a nice-to-have role in a company’s toolset; in the digital age, the rise of content marketing and Big Data have increased the need for high-quality writing, even in fields (including IT) that traditionally have not had a high demand for it.

In short, the Internet is driving this increased need for writers. Writers are responsible for sharing your data, crafting viral social media posts, reaching your stakeholders, and generally keeping your sales and marketing strategies flowing. They are the people bridging the gap between you and your audience.

The increased demand has translated into better income and more options for strong writers. Their job prospects are no longer limited to publishing, research, advertising, marketing, or mainstream media; they now have career opportunities in practically any industry sector they want to explore. Not convinced? Here are some trends that show that, for the foreseeable future, the demand for writers will remain on an upswing.

1. Content writers specialize in niche markets 

Business’ online presence is driven mostly by content. Not just content — quality content. With how quickly news becomes old today, companies have to generate new and exciting content regularly. Keyword-optimized articles may not be as powerful as they used to be. If your content has no value, your audience will easily dismiss it as noise. This increases the need for writers who have technical know-how about specific industries and markets such as automotive, construction, and green technology.

2. Social media becomes the chief outlet for marketing and advertising

Companies will be highly dependent on social media – even more than now – for business promotion and connecting with their target market. However, people consume social media swiftly and mindlessly, and if your business’ posts don’t stand out, they can drown among too many advertisements. Visual appeal may be the hook to get your audience’s attention, but interesting, witty copy is what will make them click to learn more.

3. Companies tap academic online writing tools and resources 

Students who consider writing their weakness have long turned to academic writers for help, and now businesses are tapping scholarly writing services, freelancers, and tools to create custom, well-researched articles, whitepapers, and other documents.

4. Self-publishing creates a new breed of writers 

Self-publishing, which requires very little financial backing, gives more and more people the courage and the opportunity to get their work out there. With just a click of a button, writers’ literary experiments can be published, ordered, read, and supported. Self-published authors are starting to dominate e-book sales in certain genres. With the ease of the Internet, writers can publish and sell their books while keeping their full-time jobs. This may not guarantee fame and fortune, but it’s a good way for writers to introduce themselves.

5. Grant writing for nonprofits is profitable

Nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and humanitarian groups that used to generate revenue through time-consuming, rigorous, and costly fundraising events are turning more to grant writing to fund their programs and services. Successful grant writing takes a special kind of writer, and organizations are willing to pay for them to win the support needed to keep their operations running.

Digital transformation has created a paradigm shift for writers in the labor market. Their value has increased and, given the trends in business, their status will continue to rise.

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