How To Integrate New Technology Into Your HR Department

Kevin Gardner

Human resources is a key department within any organization. If the HR department fails at its task of hiring top talent, the whole company risks failure. That’s why business leaders should make sure that the company’s HR department is always at peak performance.

Recent advancements in technology have enabled organizations to streamline their HR processes, increasing productivity and boosting results. These advancements include software applications designed to perform relatively mundane but essential tasks, freeing employees to focus on more important projects. These tools enable employees to direct their efforts toward recruitment strategies that guarantee the best employees for your business.

Implementation challenges

However, adopting and implementing new technology in your HR department, as in any department, can present challenges, and the process can be grueling. Some staff members might feel threatened and therefore reluctant to accept new technology. What can you do to encourage quick, seamless adoption—should you reward and incentivize employees? How do you manage those who don’t accept the change?

Most business leaders agree that digitizing an organization’s operations is important. The same group also cites lack of communication about the strategic benefits of new technology, lack of urgency and delays in initiating technological change, and employee skepticism as some of the challenges organizations typically face when trying to integrate new technologies to their departments.

Here are a few ways to overcome some of these hurdles.

Choose your technology wisely

When choosing HR technology for your business, target the most intuitive technology, whether it’s a simple employee time sheet management application, recruitment process outsourcing, or customer relationship management (CRM) software. Tools that come with hefty user manuals and require months of training are a surefire way to stall adoption. If your employees find the new technology useful and easy to use, they will embrace it.

Make it fun

It’s better to reward positive behavior than to penalize negative. Figure out which employees are leading the adoption efforts and find a way of rewarding them. This is a great way to engage and motivate your staff, and it will help ease integration efforts.

Make it a routine

In the early stages of adopting new tech, show your employees that this is the way things are going to be in the future. Transition is a process, so let them get used to the changes gradually. Develop a routine that makes it easier to do tasks using the new technology than doing things “the old way.”

Get your influencers on board

Recruit a group of your most influential employees and have them learn how to use the technology early. Having this group of employees spearhead adoption will help the rest of your employees adopt new tech more quickly and easily.

While introducing new technology, managers should expect to face challenges, starting with reluctant employees. But these tips should help overcome the challenges so you and your team can focus on the most important things—like hiring great candidates!

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