Women In Data Science: Matchmaking Next-Gen Innovators Drives Diversity And Innovation [VIDEO]

Shelly Dutton

While a very strong set of technical acumen is critical for a successful career in IT, companies across all industries are also looking for candidates with lesser-known skills such as design thinking, empathy, and critical thinking.

According to Ann Rosenberg, vice president and global head of SAP University Alliances, “It’s great to be a great data scientist! But it takes more than that.” Rosenberg believes that the recruiting efforts need to strike a good balance between men and women when hiring for this role. By tapping into a variety of creative minds exposed to a wide range of experiences, an incredible activity of ideation and innovation begins to emerge that industries can use to develop new solutions and create opportunities for themselves.

Watch the replay of the Women in Data Science Conference session, featuring Anne Rosenberg. In this interview, Rosenberg discusses the importance of extending career opportunities in data science for all – across genders, academic levels, and experiences – to innovate new ideas and solve real-world issues.

This blog was adapted from the article that originally appeared on Silicon Angle.

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