Women In Data Science: End-User Input Helps Evolve Data Science [VIDEO]

Shelly Dutton

Data may be the fuel of the future, but it must be first refined. Presented as a mix of structured numbers and unstructured observations, data can be contorted to support just about any viewpoint. And while picking and choosing data may generate some insights, the bigger picture of what the data is saying can be lost in translation.

To get the most value from data, businesses are looking to the end user and data science, which is the practice of turning data into real information, insights, and most crucial, action. Sinead Kaiya, COO of products and innovation at SAP, explains, “The CEO truly understands, as do board members, that the power of many of their decisions are lying today in the data. They want to be able to touch the data and explore the data and really try to dig into it themselves.” But more important, she further notes, CEOs need to go to the people who make sense of that data and put it to good use.

Watch the replay of the Women in Data Science Conference session, featuring Sinead Kaiya. In this interview, Kaiya discusses how companies are applying technology to their problems and starting to make connections that can make a difference in business performance.

This blog was adapted from the original article published on Silicon Angle.