Why I Chose Creative Confidence

Enrico A. Palumbo

Over the years, I have made it a habit to reread books, particularly the ones that inspired me when I first read them. With distance, growth, and constantly changing personal and professional environments, such books can always offer something new. One example of such a book is Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential within Us All, authored by Tom Kelley and David Kelley and published in 2013.

Let me explain you why I chose it.

As an HR professional, I see my environment changing dramatically. In a recently published interview, I stated that digitization is the biggest challenge for HR since Dave Ulrich, who wrote Human Resource Champion 16 years ago. In that book Ulrich introduced a new organizational model for HR and promoted the idea of shifting the HR role from administration to strategy.

The response on my statement in the interview was twofold: Some (still) argue that digitization is just a buzzword invented and used by some vendors trying to make money; others have a clear vision that being disruptive is the new mandate of HR.

I am convinced that those who are still working with an administrative paradigm—as described by Ulrich—will need to accelerate their transformation journey to stay relevant. On the other hand, HR professionals who develop the skills, competencies, and attitudes to act as a strategic partner for business will need to continue their evolution to become a disruptive partner for the business.

In my perspective, creativity is like a muscle that must be developed for the game of disruption. In their book, Tom and David Kelly present a methodology with creativity challenges that train this muscle and promote the idea that everyone can gain creative confidence.

In this Ted Talk, David Kelly provides a nice summary of these ideas. Take a break and invest 12 minutes to watch the video. It just might create an appetite to learn more about their approach, which could start your journey to unleash the creative potential within us all.

Enrico A. Palumbo

About Enrico A. Palumbo

Enrico A. Palumbo is HR Director and Member of the Management Board of SAP Switzerland. Over the last 15 years, Enrico worked in different HR roles and functions including HR business partner, center of expertise, and shared services in leadership roles, as a project manager, and as a business consultant in different industries and geographies. Since 2014, he has been the global HR business partner for selected lines of business in the board area Products and Innovation at SAP. Enrico Palumbo is an active member of the SAP internal coaching pool.