What Does It Mean To Have Digital Enablement?

Glen Doody

We’ve all been e-learning for years. You run through an online curriculum, you take an online test, and you’re authorized in what you’ve learned. So what’s different now? What does it really mean to your organization to have access to digital enablement? What does it mean to have an enablement platform?

As a learner, flexibility has long been the key benefit to e-learning. Old-style e-learning was at your pace and from your desk, but there was no collaboration, no opportunity to ask questions or discuss content with other students or experts. Our Digital Partner Enablement Platform provides not just the curriculum but also the interaction and rings in a new era of learning that’s scalable, flexible, on-demand, as well as social and perpetual. This 1:1 or 1:many interaction allows you to discuss what you’ve learned, perhaps hear how other students have applied their learning, and ask questions to experts. You can exchange your ideas and information on the practical application of what you’ve learned or delve deeper into the subject matter with experts.

Maybe best of all is the virtual discussion. You’re no longer limited to the people in the room on the day you completed a physical classroom training. With Collaboration Rooms, the virtual discussion will include a wide variety of people from SAP as well as your peers from other partners. You’ll now have access to many SAP experts, not just the one or two people who instructed your in-person class.

If you’re a principal (or executive) within an organization, the cost savings of digital enablement is a no brainier, but there are many more benefits than just the cost savings. You can track KPIs across the entire organization and ensure that your staff knows what they need to know in order to properly execute. Further, you can actively participate in collaboration rooms and take part in the discussion yourself.

Watch this video about the SAP Digital Partner Enablement Platform and learn how it can help you collaborate with SAP to form one cohesive learning environment for your staff.

Glen Doody

About Glen Doody

Glen Doody served in key executive positions for Fortune 100 and “Small to Medium Enterprises” prior to joining SAP in 2004. His career has provided him with broad and diversified international experience having lived and worked multiple years in the United States, Asia-Pacific, Canada, and Europe. He has extensive experience in leveraging multi-routes to market, driving growth and profitability through channel partners.