3 Reasons You Should Support Your Distributed Workforce With Mobile Learning

Roger Noia

Technological advancements such as smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices have changed the nature of work.

The average employee is no longer confined to his or her desk for eight hours a day. Many don’t even work in a traditional office environment anymore. Today, people can be productive regardless of where they work, whether it’s at home, at the beach, or seated on an airplane 36,000 feet overhead.

And with IDC forecasting that more than 105 million U.S. workers will be mobile by 2020, up from 96.2 million in 2015, mobile learning is one technological advancement your business simply can’t ignore.

It’s now crucial that your organization develops a plan that ensures its on-the-go and field-based staff remain connected – to both the company and one another. And it’s imperative that your employees have ample access to the learning resources they need to stay informed, educated, productive, and successful.

With the help of an enterprise learning solution that combines both a learning management system and a social collaboration platform, your business can achieve this, allowing your local and geographically distributed workforce to benefit from ongoing engagement, increased access to essential learning materials, and a more collaborative workplace environment.

Addressing workers’ diverse learning styles on the go

A staggering 90% of learning comes from informal activities, such as on-the-job experience and social interactions, according to the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development.

The final 10% comes from formal learning activities, such as traditional coursework instruction.

As your workers become more mobile, it’s vital that your organization provides them with access to a wide range of diverse learning styles, regardless of their location.

An enterprise collaboration platform can ensure your business is properly equipped to offer comprehensive blended learning experiences to non-office-based workers.

Through blended learning and collaboration, your company can:

  1. Increase employee engagement: Learning is a key driver of employee engagement, and an engaged workforce is a happy and productive workforce. By offering mobile access to enterprise resources and data, you can foster a companywide culture of continuous learning, where employees feel invested in the business and capable of making meaningful decisions – anywhere, anytime.
  1. Facilitate access to learning resources: Once employees have completed their formal training, they need somewhere to turn to expand their skill set and increase their knowledge base. With a comprehensive learning solution that supports mobile learning, your people have access to a multitude of diverse resources, so they can learn at their own pace, on their own terms, and on the device of their choice.
  1. Foster a culture of knowledge sharing: Learning is an inherently informal and social activity, and connecting employees throughout your business enables them to take full advantage of all the learning opportunities available to them. Through mobile learning, employees can share knowledge and experience with peers and work together to solve specific company problems or issues, regardless of time zone or geographic location.

Optimizing your workforce using accessible learning methods

Your organization’s success depends on its workforce, and that workforce is increasingly mobile. Ensuring your employees are productive and engaged, have access to a variety of quality learning resources, and can share information and expertise with one another – regardless of time or location – is of the utmost importance.

And while providing access to mobile learning used to be difficult, the rise of social collaboration platforms has made it not only possible but vital to the success of your business.

Download Blended Learning Is Here. Are You Prepared? to find out how you can begin maximizing your organization’s learning potential – and achieving organizational success – using a social collaboration solution.

Roger Noia

About Roger Noia

Roger Noia is the director of Solution Marketing, SAP Jam Collaboration, at SAP. He is responsible for product marketing and sales enablement for our dedicated sales team as well as the broader SAP sales force selling SAP Jam.