‘Tis The Season To Invest In Analytics

Nic Smith

Are you making the most out of your data investment and setting yourself and your organization up for future success? Don’t wait for the big IT guy in a red suit to bring you a data present: Invest in a strategy for the future of analytics now.

In our hyperconnected world of people, processes, things, and data, it’s analytics that is the fuel transforming organizations in our digital economy from incremental to exponential growth. Traditional BI systems of reporting and databases have changed to modern analytics that are real-time, cognitive, agile, and adaptive. More importantly, analytics are catalyzing the transformation of entire organizations into a digital enterprise.

Get under the hood of the analytics strategy that has transformed companies such as Under Armour (which provides personalized fitness advice to 150 million athletes) and smart cities like Nanjing (which connects to 100 million data records per day to intelligently reduce traffic volume). Here are a few tips that can help you optimize your analytics investment.

  1. Eliminate data silo frustration with agile analytics that are secure and scale to all lines of business. By bringing together data prep and discovery, lines of business can gain agile, collaborative, self-service analytics while IT maintains consistent, accurate, and secure data.
  1. Discover the secrets hidden in you data. Futureproof your organization with enterprise-grade analytics that use embedded machine learning and automate thousands of predictive models to provide suggestive analytics that know your business and recommend action. Don’t worry, a degree in data science isn’t required.
  1. Tell your story with stunning, personalized mobile analytics. Who doesn’t want intuitive and engaging insights that are personalized for them—designed for any device—to answer questions with conviction when you need it most? Avoid those awkward data moments and always have the latest information you need, when you need it.
  1. Supercharge your business with a cloud-based analytics strategy. Tired of updates, versions, migrations, servers, and other ghosts of software past? Remove the clutter this holiday season and simplify your business with all analytics in one cloud-based solution.

Attend the next #askSAP Webcast on December 8, 2016, to discover the latest on-premise and cloud analytics innovations from SAP and how they work together for the tightest integration of applications and analytics across your business network.

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Nic Smith

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