6 Ways To Improve Your Company's Hiring Practices

Andre Smith

In today’s crowded marketplace, finding and hiring the right people is more difficult than ever. When faced with so many options, employees can easily develop wandering eyes and have a marked tendency to jump ship at the first hitch in the road. In these circumstances, optimizing your company’s hiring practices becomes that much more important. To that end, here are six ways to improve your odds at attracting high-level employees that you can rely on.

1. Write good job descriptions

Job descriptions are the basic tools through which potential employees can be attracted to certain positions. But perfunctory ones can do more harm than good by focusing solely on what’s expected of any given employee instead of also presenting what the company can offer as well. Additionally, job descriptions should seek to break the mold by boasting a friendly tone of voice, one that is much more likely to attract prospective employees.

2. Enlist the help of dedicated recruitment agencies

While smaller companies often use the DIY approach to recruiting, the truth is that finding the right people is much easier when you enlist the aid of professional recruitment experts. Especially in crowded fields like IT, where competition is fierce, agencies such as Pearson Frank can make all the difference in the world by providing access to their exclusive network of specialists and facilitating all aspects of the hiring procedure. In many cases, these agencies only charge when a perfect match between employer and employee has been found, so there’s very little risk involved.

3. Focus on soft skills

It is often said that hard skills can be developed at any time, but soft skills require several years or more before they’re properly acquired. This doesn’t mean you should hire people who are completely unprepared for the tasks each position entails. But it does mean recognizing that things such as social intelligence, communication skills, and a good work ethic can be hard to come by, and tailoring your hiring practices accordingly.

4. Ask the right questions during interviews

In many situations, interviews are still the best way get to know your candidates. However, recent studies have shown that that employers often overlook crucial aspects of employees’ personalities during interviews, thereby leading to high rates of failure down the road. Be wary of red flags like a tendency to blame others for past problems or a general lack of motivation, and don’t be afraid to ask hard-hitting questions and follow through on them if you want to get an accurate reading of your candidates.

5. Subject your prospects to personality tests

In order to get a better grasp of the personalities of all your future employees, quick job interviews often aren’t enough. To that end, giving them adequate personality tests is a better way to gauge their verbal and analytical skills, as well as their work-related interests. You’ll discover that there are lots of tests out there, each with its own approach to matching employees with prospective companies. Generally, seek the ones that have shown substantial accuracy in predicting job performance. Some assessments may also be considerably more expensive than others, so do ample research beforehand to ensure that they’re worth the price.

6. Grant all potential employees a test window

Finally, the most important thing you can do to ensure the long-term success of your employees is to simply give all new hires a certain window of opportunity during which they can prove themselves. The window can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, but works best if it is set around three or four months. This gives all new employees enough time to settle in and learn the ropes without putting too much pressure on them to perform immediately. For optimum results, be sure to insert this test window into the employee’s contract, specifying exactly what conditions must be met and when it will expire.

In conclusion, there’s no denying the importance of making the right hiring choices at the right time. Every company ultimately owes its success to its employees, which is why businesses go to great lengths to hire and retain the ones that truly matter. For all these reasons and more, the art of hiring well is destined to never go out of style.

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