Talent Management For Today's Law Firm

Patrice Cappello

Today’s legal environment is competitive. It is no surprise that clients expect every person they interact with in a law firm to be top-notch talent. Additionally, unlike other businesses, a partner in the legal services industry owns his book of business (client list). Thus, it is vital for law firms to attract and retain top talent.

HR departments in legal are changing. This department is no longer just focused on payroll and benefits administration. In fact, the HR department is a true partner to the firm and deploys strategies to support the firm’s goals and objectives.  At the same time, the digital transformation that impacts business also makes legal hiring and talent management a bit easier, enabling these HR professionals to act as the partner that they are.

The digital revolution — and law

The digital revolution has changed every industry. The legal world is no different. Information is today’s currency. For the smart owner, manager, or other professional, finding the data is not difficult. In fact, according to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. The harder prospect is finding the right data. Only then can you put it in place.

Software programs are smarter than ever, and they do more with available data than in years past. From data mining to visualization to implementation, there is a tool for seemingly every task. Cutting through the less-useful software packages and finding the best ones is the hard part. For a law firm, talent management software is almost a necessity today.

How law firms utilize modern talent management software

It is important to note that every law firm will use a technological advance in a different way. However, today’s talent management software has made it easy for firms to do one thing and do it well. The smartest HR departments or hiring managers will look for talent, but also look for talent that is likely to stick around for the long haul. Competition for resources is a concern, but firms that take advantage of technology will have a better chance to grab the most valuable resources available.

One “search point” that a law firm may zero in on when using management software is client focus. Lawyers who are specialized and who can work with a specialized sector of the firm’s client base help the firm keep clients. Additionally, this will “feed the lawyers” with interesting and pertinent work.

As much so for the legal industry as it is for any other, strategy is vital. A strategic approach to talent management with a law firm allows a firm to maximize the return on talent management activities. Hyperconnectivity within HR — aligning hiring, training, deployment, development, and lawyer evaluation — is key.

While law firms have always known that the key to a prosperous future lies with their talent, digital transformation is giving them the tools they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.

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Patrice Cappello

About Patrice Cappello

Patrice Cappello is the North America Industry Lead, Professional Services, at SAP. She is responsible for creating annual business plan and execution strategy to achieve revenue targets; develop marketing strategy and tactical plan to drive pipeline growth; participate on sales teams as Industry executive advisor; and create relationships with and enable partners to ensure revenue stream through indirect channel.