How To Use Animation To Improve Your Recruitment Videos

Tiffany Rowe

Many people look at the employment recruiting process as a one-way street, in which applicants need to impress potential employers with their skills and experience so that they can get the job offer. There’s a mistaken perception that the employers hold all of the cards when it comes to recruitment, but that’s not necessarily the case. Because while job candidates certainly need to put their best foot forward, so do employers. Employers need to sell themselves to candidates as well, to help ensure that employees want to actually work there and it will be a good fit.

The question is, then, how do you sell your company to job seekers? While you can certainly provide clues as to what it’s like to work at your company via your website and social media feeds, some pithy posts on Facebook or a Web page devoted to your benefits can only reveal so much. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include those elements as part of your recruiting efforts, but to really attract the best possible candidates you need to incorporate other formats into your strategy as well. And that is where video comes in.

Why video?

It’s no mystery that video is taking over the Internet. More video is viewed online than any other type of content, and video is more likely to spur engagement and action than any other type of content.

And when it comes to recruiting, video is fast becoming a top technique. According to one 2014 study, 75% of companies considered “best in class” for their industry used video in their recruitment process. Whether it was for employee testimonials, a view into the company culture, or just an explanation of why you might want to work there, all of the companies that used videos for recruitment agree on one thing: video helps attract better, more qualified candidates.

The question then becomes not if you should use video, then, but how do you want to incorporate video into your recruiting strategy? While you can easily invest time and money into professional video production – and that may be the right way to go for your company – making videos for employee recruitment doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Using a few free tools and some creativity, you can make your own animation to improve your video, telling prospective job candidates more about your company, while having some fun in the process.

Using animation for recruitment

Now, you might be thinking that animation is too lighthearted or even unprofessional for your company. There are certainly cases in which that might be true, but for most companies, animation is a perfectly appropriate format for a recruiting video.

Some of the types of videos that lend themselves well to animation include:

  • Process videos. What happens when someone applies for an open position at your company? Where does their application go and how is it reviewed? Is there something unique about your process? Share that information through an animation. If you require applicants to follow certain steps to apply, you could animate that process as well; for example, how do they sign up for your recruiting portal and find and apply for jobs?
  • Timeline videos. One of the hardest parts of applying for any job is waiting for a response. Help applicants know what to expect by adding a video that outlines the hiring timeline, from the moment they submit their application through the job offer.
  • Tips and tricks videos. Help candidates succeed (and reduce the number of unqualified or inappropriate candidates) by creating a video that offers tips and tricks for success. Animating the do’s and don’ts of your company’s hiring process can provide a glimpse into the company culture while giving people more tools for success.
  • Company culture videos. Using animation allows you to more quickly develop videos to reveal your company’s culture and sell your company to applicants. Summarizing all of the information contained on your “Why Work for Us” page into a concise, 90-second whiteboard video, for example, can help candidates make a decision about whether to apply and allows you to bring your company to life.

Again, animation may not be for every company, but if it works for your business, it’s worth giving it a try. With the right script and some easy-to-use tools, you can create video content that reveals the best aspects of your company and attracts a dynamic, engaged, and qualified candidate pool.

Once you hire them, videos can help make sure their skills are up to date. See How to Create a Culture of Continuous Learning.

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