Transformation Takes Courage: 5 Tips

Christine Mykota

From launching new products to gaining the support of investors, overcoming resistance to change is essential to forward movement. Because of this, it’s something you need to cultivate in both your professional and your personal life. Welcome change and change your viewpoint and see success unfold before you. Behold these tips:

1. Become an innovator

Resisting change means resisting growth. In your personal life, refusing to move or take a step into something new creates an environment in which you can’t explore new avenues.

For an example of a company that missed the boat by failing to embrace change, consider Borders, the now-defunct nationwide bookstore. Founded in 1971 by two brothers, Tom and Louis Borders, Borders had succeeded in claiming 40% of the book sales market by the early 1990s.

Things went south, though, when the company failed to rise to the demands of the market by neglecting to establish a website until 2008, long after the well-predicted e-commerce industry had exploded.

Unlike Borders, individuals and companies who give up resistance to technological change free themselves to embrace streamlined methods and make the quest for success efficient, functional, and forward-thinking.

2. Get that raise and give birth to new ideas

If you never let go of old ideas, it’s impossible to come up with innovative new ones that can overhaul the trajectory of a company. This is what spelled death for once booming newspaper the San Jose Mercury News.

Despite the fact that the paper was well-positioned to predict upcoming technologies such as online publication, the print paper neglected to embrace any of them.

Over time, this created an environment in which the San Jose Mercury News had to fight fiercely for its very survival.

Because change inherently means movement, it’s easy to oversee the birth of new ideas when you commit to embracing change in all its various forms. This prevents you from winding up like the San Jose Mercury News: defunct and left behind.

3. Become one with the change

Often, all people need to begin moving forward is a role model. In many cases, though, you’re the only one who can fill the position.

Think, for a moment, of world-famous tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg. Where would he be had he not embraced personal and technological change?

People who pioneer change become active, forward-thinking role models. In other words, you become the change that inspires other people.

4. Be a superhero

One of the biggest reasons people resist change in their personal and professional lives is that they lack confidence in themselves. When you become a pioneer of change, though, you demonstrate that everyone can embrace and nurture change.

Consider Jane Park, who abandoned her managerial position with Starbucks to start Julep, even though she had no startup experience. The company is now a massive success in the startup community.

While embracing change doesn’t happen overnight, one small step forward can let loose a waterfall of acceptance and excitement.

5. Transform your life

While it’s natural to resist change, the fact of the matter is that you need change—it’s required to move forward in the world.

When you consciously commit to embracing change, you’re granted the rare opportunity to redefine yourself—much like Adi Tatarko did when she and her husband took advantage of the technology available to them to found Houzz – a home remodel and design platform.

While it may be difficult, embracing change makes it easy to find new solutions and pave new paths to your ultimate goals.

Give change a big hug

While a healthy fear of change is normal, embracing change is the only path to transformation. By accepting the realities of change in your personal, technological and professional life, you can become an innovator, pave new paths and reach your goals more efficiently than you ever thought possible. It really isn’t difficult. You and everyone around you have been doing it since you were born.

For more change management strategies, see Resistance To Change Is Futile.

About Christine Mykota

Christine is a Sr. Director, Marketing, Global Channels and General Business at SAP where she leads the Digital and Social Media strategy for SMB and partners in NA. She has over 25 years in marketing beginning her career in international busines, s consulting to SMB's helping them expand their markets around the globe. She has also taught at colleges and universities in Canada,Malaysia, Kyghystan and Ukraine. She has led various workshops on strategic planning, marketing research and entrepreneurship. She has contributed to 5 international business publications and was one of five Canadians awarded for her international work. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs secure funds for their ventures as well as fine tune their business plans. Christine began her career in software over 15 years ago with companies large and small such as Autodesk, Business Objects and SAP and rising stars. She has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, many of which are partners of SAP. In her spare time she has many passions both active and creative.