Two Digital HR Trends Transforming Workforce Management  

Estelle Lagorce

Workforce management is being transformed. In a recent article for SAP Insider, Beth Thiebault, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, warned that if companies don’t have the right capabilities, “great workers could pass you by.”

What’s driving this transformation? Two key trends: digital HR and the rise of team working.

According to Thiebault, digital HR is a “trend that uses social, mobile, cloud, and analytics to create a new digital ecosystem.” With these technologies, organizations can deliver solutions that improve productivity and performance by making the work experience relevant to individuals and their roles. The trend is being driven by workers’ expectation to have tools that make it as easy for them to digitally connect and collaborate at work as it is in their social lives.

Regarding the second trend, team working, Thiebault says it provides organizations with “an unprecedented opportunity to blend vast sets of knowledge to generate new business value.” With several generations working side-by-side, she argues that “teams and teamwork, as opposed to traditional department structures, become new sources of value.”

But there are two other reasons teams are on the rise. First, Thiebault cites the ability of teams to operate nimbly and slide across functional lines. She also believes that teams help support the integration of contractors and regular workers. Finally, teams provide the ability for up to five generations to work together – bringing different opportunities and approaches on how to get work done and achieve objectives.

With these two new trends transforming workforce management, the challenge facing HR organizations is how to put in place the processes and capabilities that workers want and expect.

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Estelle Lagorce

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