Is It Time To Rethink Your Company’s Intranet?

Roger Noia

What do you find when you peer into today’s leading companies? An informed, engaged, and motivated workforce.

Your employees are the heartbeat of your organization. If your company isn’t making an effort to educate and inspire its most critical resource, it risks falling behind the competition.

So how can you ensure your employees are fully invested in their jobs and the overall success of your organization?

The answer could be as simple as reimagining how your company shares information internally.

Creating a culture of learning and success with your employee portal

Many businesses today view intranets as a cost of business. They use them to make the occasional company announcement or share notable updates on HR policies.

But that’s not enough.

Intranets offer businesses the opportunity to provide their employees with truly engaging, enlightening, and valuable experiences. They can transform how companies interact with and engage their employees as well as promoting a culture of information sharing. They can alter how leaders manage and how employees do their jobs.

In other words, intranets offer businesses the chance to reshape their entire cultures.

Here are four ways you can create a culture of sharing and success by reimagining your intranet:

  1. Share company achievements. Acknowledging the fine work of your staff is important. Doing so in a public forum, like an intranet, shows your employees that you truly value their contributions. In addition to boosting morale, highlighting organizational achievements is a great way to educate your staff on what’s happening throughout the company and inspire your staff to continue their hard work.
  1. Inform employees about available learning opportunities. Your company should already be offering employees the chance to acquire new skills and hone their existing ones through relevant, hands-on training sessions and educational courses. The intranet is an optimal location for promoting these opportunities. By increasing the exposure of your available learning programs, you can attract more staff to participate and develop more future company leaders.
  1. Connect colleagues around the world. Both new employees and veteran staff can benefit from connecting with their peers across the globe by sharing information, knowledge, and experiences and breaking down the global walls that occur in every company simply based on geography. Long-time employees can also gain from engaging with expert peers for knowledge-sharing opportunities.
  1. Improve talent management. An intranet site isn’t only a useful tool for your support staff. It can also prove valuable to the managers you employ. By creating a central online gathering hub for all of your employees, you can afford your managerial staff with access to the data they need to accelerate decision making, support organizational planning, and provide strategic guidance.

Take the next step toward reimagining how your employees find and share information

Nearly 90% of employees lack passion for their jobs, according to a recent Deloitte report.

Don’t let a lack of access to information stand in the way of your company’s business goals. Empower employees with information and access to knowledge so they can  live up to their full potential and elevate your organization to new heights.

A reimagined intranet that informs, educates, inspires, and unites your employees is the solution you’re looking for.

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Roger Noia

About Roger Noia

Roger Noia is the director of Solution Marketing, SAP Jam Collaboration, at SAP. He is responsible for product marketing and sales enablement for our dedicated sales team as well as the broader SAP sales force selling SAP Jam.